VIDA was founded in 2011 by Maria Jose Fletcher, Mercedes V. Lorduy, Ana Isabel Vallejo, Vivianna Stubbe and Sabrina Salomon in response to the great need for culturally and linguistically specific services for immigrant victims of abuse in South Florida.  After working for many years advocating on behalf of immigrants, VIDA's founders realized that in order to end the cycle of violence and exploitation experienced by many immigrants during the course of their lives, a comprehensive and creative approach was needed to reach diverse populations, help survivors realize their full potential, and strenghthen community expertise. 

VIDA is the first and currently the only legal organization in Florida with sole purpose of assisting immigrant survivors.  Using a client-centered, care-coordinated model, VIDA works with marginalized and vulnerable populations to end the cycle of violence and exploitation.  In addition to providing immigration legal representation, VIDA partners with community organizations to provide further advocacy, referrals, care coordination, emergency releif funding and other legal services which fully support survivors and encourage self-sufficiency.