Immigration Assistance

·         Direct legal representation in immigration matters:


Ø Battered Spouse Self-Petition

Ø Battered Spouse Waiver of Removal of Conditions on Legal Permanent Status

Ø T Non-Immigrant Visa for Victims of Severe Forms of Human Trafficking

Ø U Non-Immigrant Visa for Victims of Violent Crimes

Ø Application for Legal Permanent Residency based on the Violence Against Women’s Act, T Visa or U Visa

Ø Gender-Based Asylum

Ø Employment Authorization

Ø Immigration Court Proceedings


·         Criminal justice advocacy and accompaniment through the criminal case, especially for trafficking survivors;


·         Comprehensive case management, including initial and on-going assessments, safety planning, and case coordination with law enforcement and other providers;


·         Referrals and follow-up to community partners for crisis intervention, counseling, financial assistance, shelter, life skills training, health care access, empowerment support groups, and non-immigration legal services such as restraining orders, divorce, custody, housing, and other legal matters;