Voices for hope. Voices for justice. Voices for opportunity.

 VIDA Legal Assistance, Inc.

 Voices for Immigrant Defense and Advocacy 


VIDA is a non-profit organization that advances the rights of immigrant survivors of violence.


VIDA brings together a community of voices to help survivors and their families find safety, justice, healing, and opportunity.


VIDA is a life transformed.


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VIDA has helped thousands of immigrant survivors and their children find hope and stability.


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“It got to a point where I couldn’t anymore…my life was in danger. The situation my sons were living was also very serious. My ex-partner could have finished what he had started. Having to hide me and my children…VIDA was incredible. It was salvation. Survivor means that I could have died…and…thank God that didn’t happen.”

-Survivor from Mexico


VIDA has trained thousands of advocates and professionals to meet the needs and protect the rights of survivors.


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“You have made VIDA into an exemplar of assistance for immigrants victimized by violent crimes, including human trafficking, and I am grateful for the opportunity to showcase it to the heroes as a best practice for combatting modern day slavery. My staff shared that the visit was both very informative and memorable, and that you did an excellent job fielding countless questions!”

-Luis CdeBaca, Ambassador-At-Large (Ret.) Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, U.S. State Dept.